Naturally Delicious

What’s on the menu in Niagara? Just about anything your business event desires. International cuisine is the cornerstone of our rich culinary tradition and the prolific Niagara wine region adds unique local fare to our diverse offering. And for those looking for popular restaurants with recognized names? Don’t worry, you won’t need to look far.


Celebrity chefs, mouthwatering cuisine and a stunning view are all ingredients that make dining in Niagara Falls an experience to remember. Simply put, our city is a foodie’s dream. Whether you’re looking for fine dining at its best or want to relax with some delicious casual fare, you’ll find yourself at a table with an extraordinary view.


If there’s one thing we can easily guarantee, it’s that your group will eat well in Niagara Falls. Many of the world’s most popular establishments reside along our city’s most prominent streets.

If there’s one thing we can easily guarantee, it’s that your group will eat well in Niagara Falls.

Our award-winning independent restaurants and wine bars are perfect for those wanting a real treat. And we have a variety of restaurants that feature fun themes and recognized international brands.

Conference Delegates on a tight schedule are always happy to learn that they can our grab a quick and delicious bite at any number of casual restaurants, pubs and grills.


Award-winning local wineries. Celebrity chefs. Rich agricultural fields producing the finest produce. These will all be cornerstones of your visit to our wine country. Some of our wineries are elaborate facilities while others are familyrun estates. Some have fabulous views of Lake Ontario, while others are nestled among gorgeous gardens and villas.

For those wanting another type of special experience, a visit to our world-renowned food and wine region is essential. In fact, it will be one of the most memorable parts of your group’s trip to Niagara.

As you tour the area, your group can visit local farms, explore farmers’ markets, shop for gourmet farm products or eat at a restaurant that’s passionate about local food. It’s a culinary experience that’s second to none. Throughout our wine region, winemakers partner with top chefs to create masterpieces featuring regional produce selected from the finest farms in Niagara. Even if