Unique Venues

All great planners know that diversity and sensory experiences are vital keys to a successful program! The simply act of injecting various locations into your Business Event Agenda will not only keep your delegates engaged and “awed”, it will ensure that you’re taking full advantage of the special treasures that Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region have to offer.

Cool | Quirky | Interesting | Diverse | Unconventional | Captivating – these are all words the passionately describe some of Niagara’s unique event venues. By no means are we minimizing the outstanding portfolio of full-service properties within Niagara Falls that can fully accommodate your event. What we’re suggesting, is a complement and further enhancement to your event program.

Niagara Falls Tourism along with our Destination Management Partners are experts in knowing all the little & raw gems that certain to “wow” even the toughest member of your group. Be it, welcome receptions being held at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls, to home-grown “Farm to Fork” locations, local wineries, and our enchanting theatres. Not having enough time will truly be your only limitation.